Contemplating your muse…

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With CP Bialois’ post about his muse and the resulting conversation, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to bring a variation of an old post out. See, my first book was actually told from the point of view of a muse. It followed one named Clarissa through the ages as she dealt with a nervous musician, a budding politician, and others. It was an interesting project that made me ponder a lot of questions. Who is my muse? What … Read More »

Controlling the Muse

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Good morning! One of the first things people ask me is how do I get my muse to respond. On the surface, it sounds ridiculous. At least, until you try to answer. If only explaining how we write was a simple as 1+1=2, right? For me, my muse has a severe case of ADHD. He never allows me to focus on a story I’m working on for a few minutes before he throws another idea at me. Talk about short … Read More »

Let passion for writing guide, not dollar sign

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Jennie Jarvis shared something yesterday that I felt compelled to share on our Facebook page. It was an article about the sobering reality of how much a writer can make online. She also pointed out that she knew several NYT best sellers that currently teach on the side to supplement their income. Jarvis and the author of the article were not the first to point this out, and they won’t be the last. Stephen King pointed out in On Writing … Read More »

Social Media 101: Variety is the spice of life

Note: Sorry this post is late today. It’s been one of those weeks! The old saying is cliche, but it’s true. One of the biggest mistakes some make is putting all their social media eggs in one basket. Let’s take a look at why this is a bad idea. When you limit your options, you limit your audience. Every site is a unique entity with its own membership and style. By sticking to only one site, you’re missing a vast … Read More »

Stepping Up as a Writers Group Leader

It was with some hesitation that I volunteered to take over for the St. Pete Writers Group in January 2015. Observing other leaders fearlessly advance their Florida Writers Association Writers Groups with clever ideas, a seemingly endless resource of quality speakers, and high meeting turnouts made me wonder if I was cut out to be a Writers Group Leader. As a critique group leader, it’s a different set of challenges, but a fairly simple process. In my mind, nothing compared to … Read More »

Judgmental Assumptions

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Good morning everyone! Have you ever heard or witnessed something another did that stuck with you for a long time? It could be something as complex as a long period of harassment or brow beating or as simple as a single word or phrase. One of those that sticks with me to this day is the constant phrase, “He/She/They should’ve hired an editor!” What gets me about this is I’ve read books where the editing was pretty questionable, but in … Read More »

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