Starting Over

Good morning everyone! Have you ever felt the need to start over? It could be something as simple as literally starting from scratch or finding a way to regain something we lost. For me, it was the latter. In a way, it came down to a single piece of advice I always give new writers: Don’t be afraid to do something different as long as you stay true to yourself and your work. Simple, right? Well, yes and no. You … Read More »

Be Careful What You Type…

I’m sure we all know there’s been a lot of sadness and tragedy over the past week or so. It’s weighed on a lot of people’s hearts and minds, making tempers flare. This is where the problem lies. There’s a good reason that people are usually advised not to talk about politics, religion, or other things on social: most of the time, the discourse gets ugly. I’m not here, though, to tell you never to talk about important topics. If … Read More »

Returning Problems

Good morning everyone! Today’s a little different as I thought it’d be good to discuss some of the issues plaguing authors. As many of you may have noticed over the last week, a reader’s interaction with an author has been going around on social media. The basic gist of it is the reader contacted the author saying how much she loved the author’s books, but had to return them because $.99 and $2.99 is too expensive and the author should … Read More »

Changing Hats

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It was bound to happen, sooner or later. That time when the writer hat(s) comes off, and is replaced by marketing headgear of some sort. I wore lots of fun, functional hats while writing in the world of Maggie and crew:  bobble hat, baseball cap, hoodie (is that considered a hat?), crash helmet, and a deerstalker, to name a few. They were useful, fun, and I could switch them up as often as I wanted, or needed to. Now, it’s … Read More »

On Taking Chances…

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The last time I wrote, I talked about how important it is to be prepared. You never know what opportunity might be around the corner, and you have to be prepared to step up. But there’s an even more important aspect: the stepping up part. It’s terrifying sometimes to do that podcast, or to takeover an online Facebook party, or even speak before a group at a library or other venue. The thing is, if you want to reach people … Read More »

Scenes Are Your Stepping Stones – Part IV: The Scene Ending

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A scene’s ending should leave the reader with more information about the plot than he had when the scene began. But it should also leave the reader wanting more. Tall order! How can this be done successfully? A scene must be a conclusion—to a conversation or a date, perhaps. Maybe the scene ends a life or a job—something life-changing—and the MC has to ask himself where he goes from there.   Or, perhaps, the ending of the scene is unresolved—a … Read More »

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