Stepping Up as a Writers Group Leader

It was with some hesitation that I volunteered to take over for the St. Pete Writers Group in January 2015. Observing other leaders fearlessly advance their Florida Writers Association Writers Groups with clever ideas, a seemingly endless resource of quality speakers, and high meeting turnouts made me wonder if I was cut out to be a Writers Group Leader. As a critique group leader, it’s a different set of challenges, but a fairly simple process. In my mind, nothing compared to … Read More »

Judgmental Assumptions

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Good morning everyone! Have you ever heard or witnessed something another did that stuck with you for a long time? It could be something as complex as a long period of harassment or brow beating or as simple as a single word or phrase. One of those that sticks with me to this day is the constant phrase, “He/She/They should’ve hired an editor!” What gets me about this is I’ve read books where the editing was pretty questionable, but in … Read More »

How to Be a Professional Writer

In my one-to-one work with writers and as an editor for a print publication and several e-newsletters, I receive a constant flow of email and other communications. I love hearing from you! But I often imagine what it would be like for an agent, publisher, or magazine editor who is dealing with hundreds of queries a day to receive some of the troublesome and vague communications I receive. Let me tell you something.  Because we’re bombarded from all sides with … Read More »

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