Four More Important Apps for Writers

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If you love technology and gadgets, it’s rather frustrating as a writer, because there’s not much to help us do our jobs better. Photographers have apps that help with lighting issues and improving their photos. Visual artists can sketch and draw on their phones and tablets. Even musicians have apps to help them record, mix, and share their music. Meanwhile, writers have word processors and, well, more word processors. There are things to help us be writers, but not much … Read More »

Stepping Away From the Monitor

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It’s bound to happen, sooner or later. You’re working away, making good progress, then you skid to a halt. Your fingers pause above the keys as you will them to continue, but nothing happens. The harder you try, the worse it becomes. Don’t despair – there are a couple of things worth trying before the hair-pulling and teeth-gnashing begins. Get up and leave. I know, it sounds crazy, right? I’ve tried this and it works! I mentally “bookmark” where I … Read More »

The Writing Life: Give Yourself A Break

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It’s that most wonderful time of the year. Anticipation is high. For many writers, there’s feasting to prepare and consume and various celebrations to attend. Increased shopping. Increased cleaning. Increased family time. And a couple of extra days off your day job for the winter holidays means increased writing time. Yay! Right? It always seems like fitting in more writing time during the holidays is feasible, but is it? For most of us, time to write is sparing at best. … Read More »

The Writing Life: Writer’s Block

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When writing is something we make time for, the phenomena known as “writer’s block” can be frustrating. Writer’s block is when we sit down to write, look at the white space following the last line we wrote and blank out. Having an outline or synopsis or idea of where we’re going with the work is no guarantee against writer’s block. We all hit that moment when our brains and fingers simply stop and we can’t find the next word or … Read More »

Funny Typos

“When in the course of writing events, it becomes necessary for each author to resolve ambiguities over typos. Always assume among the powers of the publishing world, the separate and equal insistence, that manuscript errors are inherently egregious. “We hold these typos to be self-evident, even though all typos are created equal, that they are unintentionally emboldened by their authors with certain ‘mistakable’ rights that among these are errors, gaffes and the pursuit of embarrassment.” For beginning writers, or any … Read More »

The Writing Life: Exercise

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Work, caring for a home, kids of any age, setting boundaries to give ourselves time to write—where does exercise fit in? Who has time for that? Writing is a sedentary activity and it’s important to read if we want to write, but that’s also a sedentary activity. The writing life is filled with coffee or tea and a lot of sitting around! But our doctor and spouse and kids aren’t going to accept that excuse for our extra weight, high-blood … Read More »

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