Lessons from TV Land: Writing lessons from a sitcom

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Good morning! Okay, stay with me here. I know that when it comes to writing, a lot of television gets a bad name. This is especially true for sitcoms. Still, there are lots of writing lessons we can take away from these shows. For those who don’t know, Titus was a FOX sitcom starring comic Christopher Titus. The show was based on his standup routines, which usually dealt with growing up with a dysfunctional family. Nothing was off-limits: his mother’s … Read More »

Writing 101: Lessons from TV land

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Morning all! This is my first post on our shiny new blog/website and I thought I would start a series of posts about television and what it teaches us about writing. There are so many lessons to learn, and I will be crossing genres with a lot of the posts. I’ll start with a lesson from Doctor Who. Please be warned that if you’re a fan of the modern era and are not yet current on episodes, you may be … Read More »

Don’t Sotp Proofreading

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It’s one thing to kill your darlings, but have you ever wondered how renowned authors get away with murder? That is, not the CSI: Miami kind but killing their sentences with poor proofing skills. One bestselling novel identifies “Chapter Fourty” and has Orlando east of Daytona Beach. The author got into deep water for that geographic goof. Common mistakes are innumerable. Use “it’s” only as a contraction of “it is.” “Who is” contracts to “who’s” and whose denotes ownership. And … Read More »

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