The evolution or de-evolution of writing

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Good morning everyone! As many of you know, I’m a HUGE proponent of writing in Third Person Omniscient and formal styles if that’s what works best for you. That thought process recently brought me to another thing. One of the most common things we hear online is about the evolution of the writing process. That’s something I agree with as, for the most part, we’ve grown to streamlining what and how we say something in our stories. There’s no denying … Read More »

To Sequel, or not to Sequel

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Hello everyone and good morning! The other day I got around to thinking about writing sequels and what thought process goes into them. As with everything, we each have our own thought and work process. I have nothing but respect for those that can plan a series out as a trilogy, six books, ten, and so on. The idea of planning something so large is as encompassing as writing an epic novel. At least to me. Look at it this … Read More »

Juggling Paper in a Parallel Universe

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The first ideas drafted for my middle-grade novel were done via pencil and lined tablet. Once I settled in front of my computer, I entered a delusional state where I believed the document on my screen would be the only one I’d need to worry about for the rest of this story’s creation. In my college creative writing classes, my professors spoke of creating character profiles along with other notable, vital story timelines and elements. I thought it a tedious … Read More »

Your First Reader

We can probably all agree that time slows down painfully when someone is reading our writing in draft. And we’re particularly anxious about what our first reader will say about a first draft, yes? When you decide your work is ready to be read for the first time, who do you ask for feedback? A spouse? A friend? Another writer? Your writers group? Recently I came across an article from Poets & Writers that I’ve kept for a long time. Kevin Nance interviewed novelists … Read More »

Lessons from TV Land: Writing lessons from a sitcom

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Good morning! Okay, stay with me here. I know that when it comes to writing, a lot of television gets a bad name. This is especially true for sitcoms. Still, there are lots of writing lessons we can take away from these shows. For those who don’t know, Titus was a FOX sitcom starring comic Christopher Titus. The show was based on his standup routines, which usually dealt with growing up with a dysfunctional family. Nothing was off-limits: his mother’s … Read More »

Writing 101: Lessons from TV land

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Morning all! This is my first post on our shiny new blog/website and I thought I would start a series of posts about television and what it teaches us about writing. There are so many lessons to learn, and I will be crossing genres with a lot of the posts. I’ll start with a lesson from Doctor Who. Please be warned that if you’re a fan of the modern era and are not yet current on episodes, you may be … Read More »

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