The Uncommon Conference

Look around you. Writers organizations of all kinds have either presented or are preparing to present a writers conference. Some of them specialize in certain genres, such as children and juvenile writing (SCBWI), mystery (MWA), thrillers (ITW) or romance (RWA). You might say conferences are as common as fairy rings after a summer rain. Confused by the many offerings, and wondering which one to attend? The trick is to look for the uncommon conference, like our Florida Writers Conference, for … Read More »

4 Ways to Interview

Many attendees come to the Florida Writers Conference to pitch their books to agents and acquisition editors. But did you know scheduling an interview with a book buyer isn’t the only type of interview you can arrange? At FWA’s 2017 Conference, you can also meet with industry experts as well as schedule a private editing session. These additional interview types enhance your Conference experience. Way 1: Pitch to Agents & Acquisition Editors Interviewing with an agent or acquisition editor is a … Read More »

Setting up for a book fair or book signing

I’ve participated as a vendor in three book fairs; two of them were large multi-day fairs–the Miami Book Fair International and MegaCon (Orlando). The Florida Writers Association is getting into the game with a multi-genre book signing in May 2016. If you’re one of the authors, or if you’ve ever wondered whether to take part in a book signing or a book fair, here’s a handy list of what you might need. What the organizers usually provide: Table (be sure … Read More »

It’s In The Blood

After umpteen seasons of watching CSI on TV, I’ve often fantasized that I’m just one more bloody crime scene away from being fitted for my own, CSI windbreaker. I know all about arterial spray…blood spatter…the purple-blue glow of Luminol and lifting fingerprints from anything that has a surface. I like to think I could add a little something to the team. Maybe jump inside the TV and lend the CSI pros a hand. Join in a little brainstorming session with … Read More »

FWA Youth Conference

Know a young person who always has a story in their heart or a poem on their lips? Please invite them to our third annual conference and give them this message: Youth writers grades 6-12, get set for an outstanding conference line-up bringing back some of your favorite presenters with new topics plus brand new faculty and fresh ideas. Beside the chance to hang out with other writers from across the State of Florida, you’ll have the chance to talk to and learn … Read More »

Join Us, But Not for the Reason You Think

Well well well. I happened upon an article by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Writers’ Institute about writers’ conferences. The topic was why authors should attend. Why indeed? Laurie Scheer, director of the Institute, offered seven reasons, all aligning with what FWA unearths in our yearly post-conference surveys. One reason in particular caught my eye. And it’s not what you’d expect. But first, the conference. Our conference. The 14th Annual Florida Writers Conference. And let’s focus on the Banquet for the … Read More »

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