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Write a Synopsis That Secures Agent Interest

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What stands between you and agent acquisition? Four basic issues:

  • enticing email subject line
  • slam-dunk query
  • quick-read synopsis
  • captivating manuscript first 350 words.

When an agent reads your well-written query, they become engaged and quickly move on to read your synopsis. At that point, congratulations! You’re halfway through the submission gauntlet. If the agent loses interest in your synopsis, “CLICK” and your entire submission heads to delete-ville. Why? The synopsis doesn’t respond to their question of, “What happens next?”

The format for the synopsis has changed since the publishing biz went digital. True, it’s still four-to-five paragraphs that cover the story core and conclusion. However, since it follows the query in the submission email, it’s crucial to avoid repeating what you’ve already written.

Instead, use the synopsis as a golden opportunity to reveal more of your story.

Your goal, and the purpose of the synopsis, is to show, through actions and emotions, how the protagonist achieves (or not) their goal. Keep in mind, the more you can reveal about your protagonist, what they want and how they pursue it, the greater your chances of motivating the agent to read the synopsis and then your manuscript first pages . . . your goal all along.

Coming, September 10, at 11 AM, Eastern, is a FWA sponsored webinar, “Synopsis Success,” to show and tell you what to put where and why as you write your synopsis. The webinar features examples of successful synopses and you’ll have the opportunity for Q&A as well.

Here’s an offer you can’t refuse. Would you like to have your synopsis evaluated during the webinar? If so, CLICK HERE

Grab the synopsis template and use this as a guide to write your own. Submit via the contact page on that same page.

See you at the webinar; click here to register.

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