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Taking a Break

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I just (figuratively) typed “The End” on the draft of a recently completed novella. It was a great experience, and I enjoyed every minute of the researching, writing, editing, and commiserating with my co-author. But it was done, and my brain needed to step away and take a well-deserved break.

After the last read through (does the minor editing EVER end?), I saved the final version, closed the inspirational image on the screen that had filled in for one of the main characters, and turned off the computer. I went out for a brain-cleansing walk, basking in the feeling of having completed something from start-to-finish in an amazingly short period of time (my co-author and I make a GREAT team!). I was ready to think about other things and do something else.

I watched a movie I’d put on hold, and picked up the needlework project that was set aside months ago. I went outside and worked in the yard. I cooked some nutritional meals. I cleaned my house (dusting included) and put my 2017 files in order. That took all of two days.

I had stopped writing, but my brain was adrenalin-fueled by the amazing experience I’d had, and it wanted more. It would not let me rest. The characters in our story were not about to put their lives on hold just because I wanted a break. They needed to continue their lives, their adventures, and their conflicts. Geez! Talk about impatient!

So, I’m back to outlining the rough draft of the second book in the series. The characters have forgiven my absence (I was only gone two days!) and are guiding me forward with the next series of events in their medieval lives. I’ll have to find a way to distract them so I can go to the bathroom.

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  1. Fred Gray
    | Reply

    Your article was timely, I have just finished my first draft also. I am haunted by my friends and distant world they whisper come back I can do much! But I must resist, it was suggested to me to take two weeks off and reread with fresh eyes and a first time perspective . So I wait not with patients either.
    Good luck with your project.

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