Beating Writer’s Block

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Good morning! As some of you may remember from my last post, I covered a few tricks I’ve learned to use in dealing with writer’s burnout. Many of those same tricks can be used to combat writer’s block. Writer’s block is, simply put, the inability to think of what to write. It’s also something I don’t believe in. I know my last statement will probably get me yelled at, but many others I’ve met always have ideas of some sort … Read More »

Dealing with Writer’s Burnout

Good morning everyone! Have you ever pushed yourself to the point you either didn’t care or couldn’t bring yourself to write or edit anymore? I know I have. Several times for different things and at different times. I also know my problem is I tend to throw myself into something to the point I don’t sleep, eat, or relax until said task is done. Over the years, I learned to pace myself, but that’s the easy part. We’re all creatures … Read More »

Reverse Engineering Negative Reviews

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Good morning everyone! We’ve all had a negative review of some kind, whether it was on our finished work or just a critique. They hurt, sting, and really suck when we first get them, but what about after that? Everywhere you look online we can see blogs and articles about the pitfalls of receiving a negative review. The most common bits of advice are to ignore them and suck it up and move on, and, most importantly, never respond back. … Read More »

Confronting Your Fear

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Good morning everyone! Have you ever had that one thing you were afraid to do? Personally, my biggest fear is heights, but also jumping into something new. Let’s face it, we’re all creatures of habit and the idea that there are others out there waiting for us to trip or screw up doesn’t help. As writers, often times it’s something as simple as writing a different character or switching genres. While both seem simple, there are pitfalls for each choice … Read More »

Go Big or Go Home

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Good morning everyone! As writers we’re inundated with tons of information when starting out and, if we’re not careful, we can be buried by the information and never dig our way out. One of those is the “Go big or go home” mentality. One of the more common pieces of advice I’ve heard is, “If you can’t afford to spend $2000 dollars or more for editing, cover art, and so on, you shouldn’t write”. Just let that sink in for … Read More »

To Novel or Novella? That is the Question

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Good morning everyone! I figured I’d tap into a fun little discussion type of question on par with physical books or digital (At least in my experience): Do you prefer to write a novel or novella and does Amazon’s return policy play a part in our decision? I know for me, it’s a little of both. I love the depth a novel can get into. They give me a chance to really delve into a character and let them play … Read More »

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