Info Dumping – Making people feel part of the make believe world

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Good morning everyone! One thing I love about writing is how we can create anything we can think of. I mean, how awesome is it that entire worlds, ecosystems, people, and sciences are created with a thought? There’s just one problem: Info dumping. What is info dumping? Basically, it’s dumping tons of information into our readers’ laps. Think of it as someone setting a twenty pound bad of laundry (or anything) in your lap while you’re trying to concentrate on … Read More »

The Art of World Building

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Good morning everyone! Today I thought I’d change direction and talk about one of the things that I hear a lot about in the various writing groups I’m in: The Art of World Building. My thinking is there are two ways to go about it: Ease the reader into the world, or throw it all at them. Sounds pretty simple, but what do I mean? Well, that’s simple, kinda. When we sit down to write, we usually have the world … Read More »