Returning Problems

Good morning everyone! Today’s a little different as I thought it’d be good to discuss some of the issues plaguing authors. As many of you may have noticed over the last week, a reader’s interaction with an author has been going around on social media. The basic gist of it is the reader contacted the author saying how much she loved the author’s books, but had to return them because $.99 and $2.99 is too expensive and the author should … Read More »

Building and Marketing Our Brand

Hello everyone! Sorry for posting this so late. Things got a little hectic around here today. lol Last time we talked about confronting our fears and how part of that can be switching genres. As people, we all have varying interests, so it’s no different when it comes to writing. The hard part is, how do we take the next step and build and market our platform? I’m sure we’ve all heard about branding ourselves and/or our author platform. Basically, … Read More »