When Writers Go Bad: Dealing with Issues on Social Media

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Well, another week is behind us and I hope that whatever goals you had for the week are coming along. For me, I’ll be spending my day writing reviews and proofreading but I wanted to make sure I stopped by to talk about something I’ve been struggling with for a while: bad behavior on Social Media. No matter how many anti-bullying campaigns are out there, no matter how many times a writer gets caught behaving badly, we’re never going to … Read More »

Social Media 101: Variety is the spice of life

Note: Sorry this post is late today. It’s been one of those weeks! The old saying is cliche, but it’s true. One of the biggest mistakes some make is putting all their social media eggs in one basket. Let’s take a look at why this is a bad idea. When you limit your options, you limit your audience. Every site is a unique entity with its own membership and style. By sticking to only one site, you’re missing a vast … Read More »

Social Media 101: Buyer Beware

If you’re on social media and trying to build your name (especially on Twitter), you are probably being inundated with follower requests from people who tell you that they can guarantee you X number of followers for a fee. Sounds tempting, right? I can spend a small amount of money and someone is going to do all the work for me. Wrong. Here’s the thing that some people don’t know. A lot of the Twitter accounts that promise these huge … Read More »

Why Should You Use Facebook?

There’s not a day that goes by where someone isn’t on Facebook for some reason or another. Every blogger, author, or person trying to get notice should be using this to their full advantage. Authors are using their pages to promote their books, where they’ll be signing, and just over all as a way to connect with their fans. Fans that in turn share posts, tweet, and go out to buy the author’s books. It’s like word of mouth….just word … Read More »

Social Media 101: Making a personal connection

Social media is a great way to sell your books online, but it’s not the main reason to be on there. Sure, some people might see your book blurb and decide to click, but most will not. Even fewer will bother to read that free book you pimped out or review later. The fact  is, there is a lot of noise online these days and most will not notice you unless you do something that makes you stand out in … Read More »

Social Media 101: Promotion with Thunderclap

Hi, again! Another week is almost over and I am very excited today because I am using the power of a new site to spread my message across social media today. Let me explain. Most of us who have been plugging away at the publishing thing may know that getting social media exposure is important to letting people know about your book(s). It’s one of several ways you should be connecting with people, as it’s said an average person will … Read More »

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