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Social Media 101: Promotion with Thunderclap

By: Jerry Nihen

Hi, again!

Another week is almost over and I am very excited today because I am using the power of a new site to spread my message across social media today. Let me explain.

Most of us who have been plugging away at the publishing thing may know that getting social media exposure is important to letting people know about your book(s). It’s one of several ways you should be connecting with people, as it’s said an average person will have to come across your book/name X number of ways before they end up buying it. Some of these include blog tours, online radio shows, and paid advertising. Another method is social media posts, and a new site is helping to amplify your social reach.

It’s called Thunderclap and I recently opened a campaign on the site for my new release, Trembling Souls. It’s basically a crowd-sourcing site for social media. Once you open a campaign, people can “support” it by donating a tweet, Facebook post, or Tumblr message. All they need to do is connect with the site via their chosen social media account and click “support”. A supporter can choose to support with only one account, or three different social sites.

I set a goal of 100 supporters for my campaign and ended up with a total of 112. Since my campaign was successful, at the specified date/time my promotional post for Trembling Souls will go out on over 100 unique social media accounts. Since some of the users supported me with twitter in addition to Facebook posts, my reach is amplified further over multiple platforms. It’s a great concept and I’m excited to see the results.

There is a downside. If you do not reach your goal, no messages will go out at all. I was facing that possibility until a friend of mine pointed me to this Facebook group. It’s a place where people can post the links to their campaigns to gain support as well as support others. If you’re about to launch a new book, program, or something else, I highly recommend giving this site a try. As authors, we are all struggling to get our message to people, so I think any site that can help with that and allow us to form additional connections is a great idea.

Have you tried this site? If so, I would love to hear about your experience. Do you have another unique promotional method? Feel free to share so we can learn and help each other on the writing path.

See you next time!

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