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Permission to Reprint

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This is obtaining legal permission to use material copyrighted by someone else.

In The Chicago Manual of Style (sixteenth edition) figure 4.3 on page 195, you’ll find a letter requesting permission to reprint copyrighted material.

If you don’t have access to it, here’s the gist of it:

  1. Start with who you’re writing to and the date.
  2. Quote what you wish to reprint.
  3. Place author, publication, and date of your publication where the quoted material appears.
  4. State that you want nonexclusive world rights, including electronic rights, but only as part of your volume, in all languages, for all editions, and in all media.
  5. Since they’re the copyright holder of the material quoted, state that you request permission from them to place the material in your publication. Give your publication title.
  6. Inform them that, if they don’t contact you otherwise, you’ll use the usual scholarly form of acknowledgment that’ll include the publisher, author, title, etc.
  7. Inform them that you’d like to be notified if additional permission is needed from another source.
  8. Thank them.
  9. Apply your signature.
  10. State that the above request is hereby approved on the conditions specified, and on the understanding that full credit will be given to the source.
  11. Provide blank space for a date and an “Approved by:” signature.
  12. Research the source, the source institution, and in what form they’ll take the request (electronic or snail mail).
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