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I’ve finally reached the place where editing is an almost pleasant experience.  I seem to have evolved past the feeling of panic and hopelessness that plagued me on earlier drafts.  I’m done questioning whether or not my story has merit.  The piles of drafts on the floor under my desk will soon be shredded, along with my doubts.

I feel relaxed and comfortable with this final edit. I turn the pages, one at a time, to see what suggestions my editor has for me.  Sometimes I answer her out loud, explaining why Maggie is where she is, and that’s precisely where I want her to be.  Other times, I nod my head in agreement when my editor questions something, and I realize I need to make whatever it is clearer to the reader.  What is the rut?

It’s tweaking, fine-tuning, and I’m enjoying it, because my writing coach/editor is amazing.  The combination of her expertise, a genuine knowledge and “feel” for how a story should work, along with my determination, writing ability, and refusal to give up, has resulted in a good, solid story that I hope young readers will devour and look for more.

I’m in the final phases of moose fear, clue discovery, and the forces of good and evil.  Soon my story will be headed to the “great out there,” all shiny, polished, and proofed.  It’s a scary, exciting thought.  I think I’ll feel happy and proud to know I made it, one page at a time.

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6 Responses

  1. Carol Baldwin
    | Reply

    One page at a time… Good advice for every stage of our writing journey. Congratulations for making it this far, and thanks for the reminder!

  2. Eugene Orlando
    | Reply

    It’s hard to get past that point of wanting to be defensive about every aspect of a work so close to you. It takes courage to see it through different eyes … and to let someone else show you the way. You’ve reached a level of professionalism … but there is always room for more growth … always. It never ends.

  3. Linda
    | Reply

    Happy for you. I agree with Carol that one page at a time is good advice. Light up the “great out there.”

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