» » » It’s Official! Come See Who Made the Finals in the 2017 RPLA

It’s Official! Come See Who Made the Finals in the 2017 RPLA

RPLA Awards

Drum roll! The scores are in, and the finalists have been named for the 2017 Royal Palm Literary Awards competition.

RPLA is a service of the Florida Writers Association established to recognize excellent in members’ published and unpublished works while providing objective and constructive written assessments for all entrants. More than 40 genre-categories are recognized, including youth (youth winners’ announcements are separate).

The categories cross the broad areas of fiction and nonfiction—short works and book-length, as well as poetry, plays, and submissions in a “general catch-all” category. For each category, published and unpublished entries are judged separately.

Now it’s nail-biting time. The winners won’t be announced until the Awards Banquet October 21, 2017, which is held during the annual Florida Writers Conference that runs from October 19-22. The Banquet is a big deal, with winners’ pictures flashed on giant screens and all kinds of fanfare. (Here’s a video on the FWA website showing Banquet moments from last year.)

If you’re registered for the whole conference shebang or just for the day, the Banquet is included. You may also register only for the Banquet. Oh! And you may bring guests to the Banquet, whether or not they are FWA members—family, friends, no limit to the number of people who can share the special night.

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We look forward to celebrating writers and writing with you. Questions? Contact us.

Adult 2017 RPLA Finalists

Doug Alderson
Renée Anduze
Patricia Averbach
Susan Bartlett
Dr. Ruth L. Baskerville
Monika Becker
Rita M. Boehm
Marie Brack
Amy S. Brown
Tracy Bryan
Bria Burton
Nancy J. Cohen
William G. Collins
Patricia Crumpler
Dianna Dann
Yusuf DeLorenzo
Rhett DeVane
Karen Dillon
Kristin Durfee
Kathy Emmerling
Kimberlee Esselstrom
Tammy Euliano
Linda Feist
Debbie Reed Fischer
Elena Fowler
Arthur Frederick
Jennifer Geoghan
James R. Glover
Kim Hackett
Chris Hamilton
Joan J. Harris

Arielle Haughee
Jack L. Hayes
Sarah E. Hendess
Bonnie Herrick
John Hope
Michael R. Howard
Paul Iasevoli
Sharon Keller Johnson
Joshua Aaron Jones
Krista Keating-Joseph
Lorna Hopkins Keith
Wendy Keppley
Jade Kerrion
Susan Kite
Susan Klaus
Linda Kraus
Kitty Lascurain
Betsy S. Lee
Stephen Leitschuh
Susan Lindsley
Christopher Malinger
John Mallon
Lawrence Martin
Annette Masters
Phyllis McKinley
Mark McWaters
Ann Meier
Mark H. Newhouse
Kate Newton
Donnie Niles

Joan North
Virginia Nygard
Kenneth R. Overman
Elle Andrews Patt
David Pearce
Jim Pons
Carol J. Post
Rachel Elizabeth Printy
Amy F. Quincy
Elizabeth Randall
Amarilys Rassler
Anne Nichols Reynolds
Walter Joseph Schenck, Jr.
Deborah Shlian
Phyllis Smallman
Maris Soule
William Speir
Samuel Staley
Kristen Stieffel
Tom Swartz
Skye Taylor
Robin Thomas
Caroline Tillotson
Elizabeth Weiss Vollstadt
Judy Weber
Pamela Wendell
J.J. White
T.L. Williams
Linda C Wright
Christine Yarbour


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