Join Us, But Not for the Reason You Think

Well well well. I happened upon an article by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Writers’ Institute about writers’ conferences. The topic was why authors should attend. Why indeed? Laurie Scheer, director of the Institute, offered seven reasons, all aligning with what FWA unearths in our yearly post-conference surveys. One reason in particular caught my eye. And it’s not what you’d expect. But first, the conference. Our conference. The 14th Annual Florida Writers Conference. And let’s focus on the Banquet for the … Read More »

’Cause We All Love Books

There’s something magic in cracking the cover on a brand new book—for you Kindle folks make that tapping a finger. Books become our best friends, trusted advisors, time machines and tickets to better places and times. Some of us are so in love with the whole book thing that we actually want to write one. Or, a few. Or, a few hundred. Enter the Florida Writers Conference. For a few days in October, we book lovers and would-be writers get to “crack the … Read More »

It’s Time to Book That Hotel Room!

If you don’t live in the Orlando area, you’re going to want to book a hotel room for the 14th Annual Florida Writers Conference, October 15-18. As you peruse the Orlando/Altamonte Springs area, there are so many different options. Here’s the thing, though. The conference is being held at the Hilton Orlando/Altamonte Springs on 950 S. Northlake Blvd. This means you want to be as close to this location as possible. The Hilton is currently booked, which means we have a lot of people … Read More »

A Vaccine for Viewpoint Troubles

Once upon a time, I was a lot younger and a lot smarter than I am now. Rules of writing in viewpoint? Ha! I didn’t need lessons from all those tedious how-to-write books. My natural talent would carry the day, my written words would sing, and my genius would shine through. Oh well. Live and learn. I did, the hard way. At least I hope I did. Years later, in 2009, I was thrilled to win a first-place Royal Palm Literary Award … Read More »

Be Published in The Florida Writer

September 1 is the deadline for submitting your creative writing or announcements for publication in the next issue of The Florida Writer. If you’re a member of the Florida Writers Association, we’d love to see your work! You can find detailed submission requirements in the last issue of the magazine or download them here. We publish announcements about their accomplishments.  View a sample “Celebrations” page. 

Announcing the 2015 RPLA Finalists

And now, the list you’ve been waiting for: the 2015 Royal Palm Literary Award (RPLA) finalists, and the short and long works spanning the 45 genres that qualify them, in alphabetical order by author last name. The winners will be announced at the Royal Palm Literary Award Banquet at the Florida Writers Conference in October. 2015 RPLA Adult Finalists Sharon Olsen Abrams To Be One With The Sky Laura Andrews [writing as Elle Andrews Patt] Billie Mae Manteo Daco Auffenorde [writing … Read More »

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