RPLA Update

We’re rounding the bend with RPLA—you know, the Royal Palm Literary Awards. It’s FWA’s flagship writing competition, where entries are accepted in 26 genre-categories for adults and 15 for youth. Where published and unpublished works are judged separately. Where semifinalists, finalists, and winners earn electronic badges. Where the trophies are beyond cool, and for every entry, the feedback is priceless. More so every year. For the 2016 competition, we’re definitely approaching some milestones. If you’re familiar with RPLA, you may … Read More »

The Molding of Rudy by Faun Joyce Senatro

Note: This short story was one of Mary Bostwick’s top 10 picks for the 2015 edition of The FWA Collection.  “What do you mean, you’re not making fried chicken tonight?” Rudy had just walked into Stella’s house which, this evening, lacked the usual Saturday night aroma of frying chicken. “You always do fried chicken on Saturdays.” “Watch my lips, Rudy. I am not making fried chicken tonight. In fact, I’m not cooking tonight at all. I’m going out to eat.” “Well, la-di-da. … Read More »

Royal Palm Literary Award Winners Announced

Drum roll, please! Announcing the winners of the 2015 Royal Palm Literary Awards! Drum roll, indeed! We have the results of the Florida Writers Association’s largest, most competitive Royal Palm Literary Awards (RPLA) competition in history. The winners were announced during the special awards banquet, part of FWA’s four-day annual conference in Altamonte Springs, Florida, October 15-18, 2015. The competition, which received 393 submissions, was RPLA’s fourteenth. Adults and Youth submitted entries in 30 adult genre-categories and 15 Youth categories, … Read More »

Call for Blog Submissions

We welcome submissions to the Florida Writers Association blog. Please read and follow our requirements carefully before you submit. Submission Requirements You must be a member of the Florida Writers Association in good standing or one of our conference faculty in order to be published. Posts about the craft of writing, book design or marketing, publishing, the business of writing, Florida Writers Association events and programs, and other topics of general interest to the writing community are welcome. We do not … Read More »

It’s In The Blood

After umpteen seasons of watching CSI on TV, I’ve often fantasized that I’m just one more bloody crime scene away from being fitted for my own, CSI windbreaker. I know all about arterial spray…blood spatter…the purple-blue glow of Luminol and lifting fingerprints from anything that has a surface. I like to think I could add a little something to the team. Maybe jump inside the TV and lend the CSI pros a hand. Join in a little brainstorming session with … Read More »

Join Us, But Not for the Reason You Think

Well well well. I happened upon an article by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Writers’ Institute about writers’ conferences. The topic was why authors should attend. Why indeed? Laurie Scheer, director of the Institute, offered seven reasons, all aligning with what FWA unearths in our yearly post-conference surveys. One reason in particular caught my eye. And it’s not what you’d expect. But first, the conference. Our conference. The 14th Annual Florida Writers Conference. And let’s focus on the Banquet for the … Read More »

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