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Call for Submissions Attention Florida Writers Association Members: The Florida Writer magazine is accepting submissions for the February issue. Send us your creative writing in response to the prompt or your writing-related accomplishments! Submissions for the February issue are due by January 1. Download the details… Webinars In January, we’re offering a free webinar called Taxes: An Introduction for Authors, presented by Cheyenne Knopf Williams. Details & registration… We’ve also got a bevy of past webinars for writers that remain available for free or a … Read More »

2016 Royal Palm Literary Award: Who Won?

Woohoo! It is our pleasure to announce the winners of the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards (RPLA) competition. Huge congratulations to everyone who won, finaled, semifinaled, or entered. This was one tough and nuanced competition. Congratulations! RPLA is a service of the Florida Writers Association that recognizes excellence in members’ published and unpublished works while providing objective and constructive feedback for all entrants. There’s even a Youth component. This year, we had a record-breaking 479 entries, a 22% jump over … Read More »

Hear ye, hear ye! The list of 2016 RPLA finalists is out!

The list is out! The list of Royal Palm Literary Awards (RPLA) finalists, that is. What’s next? Winners will be announced at the RPLA Awards Banquet October 22, 2016, during the annual Florida Writers conference at the Hilton Orlando Altamonte Springs. The Banquet is included in the full conference and the Saturday-only conference packages. Or you may attend the Banquet a la carte. To get in on the fun, please click here. You may register for the full conference, Saturday … Read More »

Write a Synopsis That Secures Agent Interest

What stands between you and agent acquisition? Four basic issues: enticing email subject line slam-dunk query quick-read synopsis captivating manuscript first 350 words. When an agent reads your well-written query, they become engaged and quickly move on to read your synopsis. At that point, congratulations! You’re halfway through the submission gauntlet. If the agent loses interest in your synopsis, “CLICK” and your entire submission heads to delete-ville. Why? The synopsis doesn’t respond to their question of, “What happens next?” The … Read More »

Collections Spotlight: Clopin Clopant

Colby Wynan always thought of himself as a man with three hearts—the one he showed to his loved ones, the one he showed to his friends, and the one he never showed to anyone. It was not that he was hiding anything; it was just that he didn’t know himself what resided there. Was he saving it for a special purpose, or to protect himself in case the first heart was broken? It was a mystery, but Colby knew it … Read More »

Benefits of Attending a Book Signing – A Blogger’s Perspective

Book signings are beneficial to everyone in the book community. From the author who writes the books, to the bloggers who help promote the books, to the readers who the author reaches and leaves reviews. At a book signing you’re basically putting life to the electronic presence you have grown online. From interacting with your fans and giving them a little something to take home, to basically pimping yourself to gain new fans and authors to follow you and your … Read More »

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