The Best Credit Card Processing Solution for Writers

Florida Writers Association offers a credit card processing solution developed specifically for our members that’s simple, easy and affordable.

With FWA processing, you know up front you are getting the best processing available to meet your needs. You get:

  • Low rates and no hidden fees. We don’t put out misleading teaser rates or tack on extra costs.
  • Many free services, including free supplies, free customer service and voice authorization calls, and free set-up and programming.
  • No chargeback fees, no monthly minimums to meet, and no “handcuff contracts” that penalize you for leaving.
  • Automatic $100,000 coverage against a data breach involving customer information.
  • Personal customer service that is tops in the industry.

Our service stands out from the competition because it begins with a free, no-obligation analysis of your recent processing statements. You’ll see, in writing, exactly how much you can expect to save and why.

FWA’s service is powered by Retailers Processing Network (RPN), a division of nationally acclaimed Michigan Retailers Association, the largest state retail association in America. RPN is a robust network of state membership organizations that want the best processing services for their members. RPN provides cost-saving solutions for every selling situation, including point-of-sale, online and mobile. RPN currently processes more than $1 billion annually in members’ transactions.

In addition to the benefits you receive you will also help fight illiteracy with the Charge on for Children’s Literacy Program.  The program was created for the Florida Writers Foundation.  Retailers Processing donates part of their profit to the foundation.  This doesn’t cost the member anything.  You still get competitive pricing and you are helping fight illiteracy! To find out more about the Florida Writers Foundation visit their page.

To start, simply contact Retailers Processing Network’s Chris Smith at 800.366.3699 ext. 372 or by email.

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