» » » Hear ye, hear ye! The list of 2016 RPLA finalists is out!

Hear ye, hear ye! The list of 2016 RPLA finalists is out!

2016-rpla-imageThe list is out! The list of Royal Palm Literary Awards (RPLA) finalists, that is.

What’s next? Winners will be announced at the RPLA Awards Banquet October 22, 2016, during the annual Florida Writers conference at the Hilton Orlando Altamonte Springs. The Banquet is included in the full conference and the Saturday-only conference packages. Or you may attend the Banquet a la carte.

To get in on the fun, please click here. You may register for the full conference, Saturday only, or Banquet only.

The RPLA Youth finalists and winners will be announced during the general session luncheon on Saturday, October 22, 2016. You may register here.

Cheer on your friends and celebrate writers and writing. Details of both conferences are available at floridawriters.net. We hope to see you!

2016 Adult RPLA Finalists

In Alpha Order by Last Name

(If pen names were submitted, pen names appear below)

Deborah A. Allen

Stephen Arseneault

Gino B. Bardi

Beverly Johnson Biehr

Leonard Birdsong

Nancy Blanton

Jennifer Boddicker

Jeff Boyle

Michael Brim

Tez Brooks

Marina Brown

Amy Brown

Tracy Bryan

Bria Burton

Marsha Butler

Scott Causey
Linda J. Chapman

Jennifer Leigh Cook

Charles A Cornell

Patricia A. Crumpler

Janet D’Andrea

Dianna Dann

Agnes Deglon

Ellinore Jensen

Victor DiGenti

Melody Dean Dimick

Kathy Connor Dobronyi

Bill Dougherty

Bill Dougherty

Arthur M. Doweyko

David C. Edmonds

Jan Eldredge

Kim English

Judith Erwin

Linda Feist

Joni M. Fisher

JaneEllen Freeman

Timothy Freriks

K E Garland

Amber Garr

Richard Gartee

Amina Lolita Gautier

Pattie Glenn, Pondhawk Productions

Keith Gockenbach

Susan Woods Golder

Joshua Aaron Jones

Carolyn Greeley

Marti Green

Christopher Hamilton

David-Michael Harding

Charles M. Harris

Veronica H. Hart

Robert Hart

Suzanna Myatt Harvill

DL Havlin

Jack L. Hayes

Rebecca Heflin

Sarah Hendess

Ann Henry

A.K. Hicks

John Hope

Steve Hulsey

Julie Ann James

Ellinore Jensen

Jean Sullivan Johnson

Henry James Kaye

Patrick Kendrick

Laura Kennedy

Jade Kerrion

Joan King

E. Landress
Russel Lazega

Linda Leggett

Stephen Leitschuh

Susan Lindsley

Janet Franks Little

Maddie Lock

Gene Luke

Robert M Lynch

John Marling March

Helaine Mario

Lawrence Martin

Zeke Mattheus

Claire Hamner Matturro

Joseph Mazerac

Susan Carol McCarthy

Kenneth R. McClelland

Patricia A. McGehee

Phyllis McKinley

Sheila McNaughton

Mark McWaters

Mark McWaters

Donna Meredith

Jackie Minniti

G.A. Minton

Carding Mor

Elizabeth Nebergall

Mark H. Newhouse

Alison Nissen

Joan North

John D. Ottini

G. Ovitz
Elle Andrews Patt

William Peace

David Pearce

P.T.L. Perrin

A. Peters
Tricia Pimental

Carol J. Post

Scott Michael Powers

Kerryn Reid

Anne Nichols Reynolds

A. Richards
Dana Ridenour

Matthew A. Rieder

C.S. Royce

Vanessa Russell

Mary Lois Sanders

Benjamin Seeley

Faun Joyce Senatro

Deborah Shlian

Antonio Simon, Jr.

David A. Snively

SR Staley

Dana J. Summers

Aimee Taylor

Bruce Thomason

Dana Trantham

Marie Vernon

Mary T. Wagner

Patricia Walker

Christina Waymreen

Judy Weber

Lynn Welsh

J. Wenstrom

J.J. White

Gerry Wolfson-Grande

Christine Yarbour

Sarah A. Younger


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Chris Coward is the chairperson for the 2017 Royal Palm Literary Awards competition, a member of the FWA Board of Directors, past FWA president, and co-leader for FWA’s Oxford Writers critique group. She has ghostwritten for presidential appointees and CEOs, headed corporate marketing departments, edited national magazines, and taught college English. She has an MA in English (concentration in professional writing and editing) from George Mason University and a BA in philosophy from the College of William and Mary. Stone Perfect, her debut novel about two nerds, a girl, and a sexy sociopath who square off in a perpendicular universe, is a 2012 first-place RPLA winner, science fiction.

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