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Exercise Wednesday: New Is Always Better

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The tag line and inspiration for today’s writing prompt comes from the great philosopher Barney Stinson, who had one rule: new is always better. (Barney was born around 1975 so he probably doesn’t remember much about New Coke. Just sayin’.)

Today’s writing prompt introduces your character to something new, and in this case new actually is better. (So, no stories about New Coke.)

This could be your character’s first day in the house she fell in loved with and bought. His first drive to school in the first car that was his. Maybe it’s first day of college and she’s the first one in her dorm room while she anxiously awaits her roommate. Or perhaps it’s his first day in a new job.

Whatever it is, it’s exciting and new. And in this case, new is better, at least for the moment.

Time limit: 30 minutes

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