2018 Adult Collection Contest Entry Form

  • Submission Information

    • If submitting two entries, head-shot picture need be uploaded with only one of the two submissions.
    • - Story/poem: Microsoft users: Only Word document (.doc or .docx) files. Only MAC users may use PDF (.pdf) files, if they cannot use Word document files.
    • - For stories only: Format must be Times New Roman, 12 point, flush left. Paragraph first line indent ¼”. Twenty four point (24 pt) line spacing throughout story. Do not add additional spacing to the single or double spaced lines, between paragraphs, or above and below asterisks. Use three (3) asterisks, centered on line, for time breaks (do not add spaces between the three asterisks).
    • - For poems only: Format must be Times New Roman, 12 point, flush left. Poems may be double spaced (24 pt) or single spaced (12 pt) with one added paragraph space between stanzas. Do not add additional spacing to single or double line spacing. Do not use asterisks.
    • - Head-shot picture: JPEG format only. Please name head-shot file with your first and last name-Ex: johndoe.jpeg. Color or black and white acceptable. Please Upload one story and one photo.
  • Author’s name as it should appear in Collection book, should it be among the sixty highest scoring entries.
  • (If unsure, contact Writers Group Leaders or Larry Kokko at fwa.secretary@gmail.com)
  • Legal Agreement Portion for Online Submission Form

    • 1. This contract is by and between the Florida Writers Association, Inc. (“FWA”) and the undersigned Writer (“the Writer”). The consideration for this contract is FWA’s offer to include Writer's work (“the Work”) in a collection of FWA stories/poems (“Collection”) and Writer’s desire to have his/her work considered for publication and published in the Collection. Both parties agree that this represents good and valuable consideration and that there is no financial compensation as a part of this agreement.
    • 2. FWA publishes a theme-based group of stories in an annual Collection. Author hereby grants permission for FWA to include the Work in the original Collection and any other FWA Collections, in FWA’s sole discretion. Writer retains the right to individually publish the Work. Writer has no rights in and to the Collection(s).
    • 3. Writer acknowledges that FWA may choose to perform its services (if any) hereunder through an agent, in FWA’s sole discretion.
    • 4. Writer represents that the Work is an original writing and does not violate the copyright or invade the privacy of any person or entity. Writer further states and represents that FWA’s publication of the Work will not violate the exclusive publishing rights or rights of use of any other person or entity. Writer agrees that FWA is relying on these representations in considering the Work for publication and publishing it. Writer shall indemnify and hold FWA harmless as to any claim(s) which may arise against FWA or its agent(s) due to Writer’s breach of any provision in this Agreement. Writer’s electronically applied signature or full name typed in below indicates full authorization and acceptance of all FWA’s terms hereunder.
    • 5. Writer may submit a photograph and bio (50 word maximum) to be used with the Work and hereby grants FWA permission to use both in FWA’s sole discretion, including but not limited to publication in the book and e-book, in FWA PowerPoint presentations from time to time, and in the FWA Conference Program(s). Nothing herein contained shall obligate FWA to do so.
    • 6. FWA may choose to publish the Work but nothing herein contained shall obligate FWA to do so.
  • Word count/poem line count. DO NOT INCLUDED TITLE IN COUNT. Story maximum 1,200 words. Poem maximum 50 lines.
  • 50 words Max
  • Drag and drop your document or click Select file and navigate to your local folder to select document.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, doc, docx, pdf.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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