Science fiction is as hot as the Martian landscape. Should you jump on the next interstellar bandwagon or patiently invent your own time machine? Take a journey with authors Charles A. Cornell and M.J. Carlson as they navigate some unique sectors in the science fiction universe in search of the less traveled but highly creative niches of steampunk, dieselpunk, cyberpunk and science fantasy.

In this webinar you will learn the definitions of several popular forms of punk science fiction and retrofuturism, their historical roots, and how to write them. Learn the opportunities and pitfalls when blending science fiction with fantasy. Learn useful tips and techniques to accelerate your “what-if” ideas into new worlds of wonder with dynamic characters, settings and plots.

This webinar will show you:

  1. How to see the future through the eyes of someone in the past
  2. How to create unique worlds of wonder that will appeal to SciFi readers
  3. How to transform “what-if” technology ideas into compelling human stories
Charles A Cornell
Charles A. Cornell

CHARLES A CORNELL is a member of the Florida Writers Association and has won Royal Palm Literary Awards in the Thriller and Science Fiction categories. His dieselpunk series, DragonFly combines science fiction and fantasy with alternative history in a World War Two re-imagined like never before. His over-active imagination creates retrofuturistic war machines and bio-mechanical monsters in his writer’s den in Detroit, Michigan where he lives with his wife, son and a very perplexed cat. Website. 

M J Carlson
M.J. Carlson

M.J. CARLSON is a member of the Florida Writers Association and futuristic science fiction writer. One of his short stories appears in The Prometheus Saga. Four other short stories have received honorable mentions in the Writers of the Future science fiction contest. A novel and short story were finalists in the 2010 Royal Palm Literary Awards competiton and he’s authored several articles in The Florida Writer. He currently lives in Brevard County, Florida, with Sparkle, his Wise Reader and Muse, and more computers than any sane person should have. For more information, check out  his website.

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