Molli Nickell
Molli Nickell

Are you stuck in the query quagmire? Have you struggled to write one, then emailed it to dozens of agents, only to receive the standard “not right for our list” rejection letters? Or no responses at all? And you can’t figure out why your query doesn’t work?

Discover what you don’t know so you can re-boot your query letter and master this vital document . . . once and for all. Join Publishing Wizard, Molli Nickell (former publisher and Time-Life editor), on Saturday, August 15th for a free PILOT webinar, a one-hour (11AM to Noon, EDT) query-letter workshop. This includes a pre-workshop “homework” coaching video from Molli, posted on her website ( Available on or before July 10th, the video is accompanied by an easy-to-follow query letter template PDF download. Use this to craft your query, then follow the instructions to submit it for possible evaluation during the workshop.

But wait! There’s more. At the completion of the webinar, you can request a 12-page booklet of self-editing tips and techniques.

Take advantage of this unique PILOT webinar opportunity that can help you achieve your goals of agent, publisher, and shelf space at Barnes and Noble.

MOLLI NICKELL is a former publisher, Time-Life editor, UCLA writing instructor, speaker, and 6x published NF author. She guides clients through the publishing maze as they learn to craft effective marketing documents which include a compelling email subject line, quick-read query letter, and professional book proposal. Her book, “WRITE RIGHT: Don’t shoot yourself in the foot” teaches non-fiction and fiction writers how to mature their work from “rookie” to “pro” to “published” before they launch their agent quest.

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