Molli Nickell
Molli Nickell

If your goal is to land an agent to guide you through the publication maze, you must write a synopsis to include in your query submission email. You cannot avoid it!

Like the query letter, your synopsis is a make-or-break situation. Write it well to increase the potential an agent actually will read it, and then move on to review your sample pages: the goal all along.

Write your synopsis poorly, they’ll send it to delete-ville and take a latte break instead.

If you struggle writing a synopsis, chances are you haven’t defined the “core” of your story.

This webinar will help you to discover:

  • Your story core: who wants what (goal), why they can’t have it (obstacle), and what happens (resolution).
  • What other characters (besides the protagonist) belong in your synopsis.
  • How to structure your full-circle synopsis in five-paragraphs, 350 words or less.

This webinar includes two special bonuses!

  • A free template to help you discover what goes where and why before you begin to write your synopsis.
  • Would a synopsis evaluation help you? Submit yours for possible evaluation during the September webinar.

Instructions on how to download the synopsis template and how to submit your synopsis for evaluation will be included with the confirmation of your webinar registration.

Since 1985, Publishing Wizard, Molli Nickell, has edited books, acquired manuscripts, authored books and articles, designed projects, presented keynotes, and led workshops for publishing giants including Time-Life, Workman, Simon and Schuster, Atria, HarperCollins, Better Homes and Gardens, SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators), and the ABA (American Booksellers Association).

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