Melanie Bingle Marsh
Melanie Bingle Marsh


Learn about the important role bloggers play in the book world. By the end of the class, you will know the benefits of working with bloggers as well as how to approach bloggers, and what to avoid when taking advantage of the services bloggers provide. You will have a better understanding of what bloggers actually do and what they don’t do. Also learn the reasonable expectations of the blogger/author relationship and how to build and maintain that relationship.

  • How to effectively make contact with bloggers. Dos and don’ts of blogger contact.
  • The benefits of developing professional relationships with bloggers.
  • The advantages to using bloggers for tours, releases, reveals, and reviews.

MELANIE BINGLE MARSH  and another blogger started Fang Freakin’ Tastic Reviews three years ago. She is originally from North Carolina, and moved to Florida in 2006. With three kids ranging in age from 2-16, she rarely has free time. When she does, she sneaks in reading and writing for the blog. She prefers Horror and Paranormal, but will read the occasional Historical Fiction.

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