Jennifer Wedmore
Jennifer Wedmore

Personal Assistants

Find out when and why you should hire a personal assistant to help you with marketing, whether it is on a temporary or permanent basis. Further, find out what questions you should ask to determine you have the right fit for a PA so that there aren’t problems in paradise later on.

  • Ways to rely on a personal assistant
  • The services that are offered
  • How to find the right PA

JENNIFER WEDMORE is a native of Florida and cannot imagine living anywhere else. She’s a stay at home mom who has fallen in love with the indie book world. In high school, she fell in love with reading – horror, historical, it didn’t matter. Later, on social media, she met an author and was introduced to indie authors. Today, she’s a personal assistant to a NY Times and USA today bestselling author as well as many others, including debut authors. She loves what she does and loves sharing what she learns with those inside the indie author community. She is active on social media and offers a wide array of services to authors to help them with promotion and overall organization.

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