Bria Burton
Bria Burton

Pre-Plot Outline

When approaching your story idea, do you consider the outline to be a viable option or a creativity destroyer that must be avoided? There are many schools of thought regarding the outline, and how to proceed is up to you. So how exactly does a writer make that crucial decision? This session will help writers discover the benefits of outlining AND the benefits of not outlining.

In this session, attendees will learn:

  • How to decide which approach to story creation best suits their needs
  • Outlining formats that have been used by successful writers
  • How to utilize a hybrid method that incorporates both options

Marathoner Bria Burton is the blogger for St. Pete Running Company with over a dozen story publications in anthologies, magazines, and fiction podcasts. She has also produced podcasts and done voice work. Two of her unpublished novels won First Place at the RPLA, one for which she has been offered representation by an agent. She has led an FWA critique group since 2010. In 2015, she became the St. Pete Writers Group Leader. She earned her BA and the English Department Award from Flagler College. She’s also a member of the Alvarium Experiment, a by-invitation-only consortium of outstanding authors.

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