Arthur Doweyko
Arthur Doweyko

Plot Line

We will explore the differences between a plot-driven story and one focused on a character arc. Examples will be taken from film and books to illustrate strengths and weaknesses derived from character alone. Methods of developing characters, both protagonists and antagonists, will be discussed.

A thorough understanding of a character’s background, vulnerabilities, false beliefs, and ultimate change are all essential elements in a character’s arc. Examples will include these essential points and the use of a character’s trigger event in launching the plot.

Plan on learning about:

  • The character- v plot-driven conundrum
  • The Character Arc
  • Common Problems

Arthur Doweyko is a research scientist with more than 100 publications who shares the 2008 Thomas A. Edison Award for the discovery of a new anti-cancer drug, Sprycel. He writes science fiction and fantasy, and has two award-winning novels published, Algorithm and As Wings Unfurl (voted best sci-fi novel of 2014, RPLA). In addition, he has written numerous short stories, many of which have been RPLA finalists and L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future honorees. When not writing, he teaches college chemistry and wanders the beaches in search of aliens.

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