Please Review the Details Before Signing Up

  1. You must register for the Focus Day event before bookstore signup or requesting a book signing time.
  2. To help cover the cost of the bookstore, the Florida Writers Association (FWA) retains a 15% handling fee from the sales of your book.
  3. Sales tax will be collected by the bookstore. It will be included in the price charged (just like in a retail store.)
  4. You must be an FWA member or a speaker/presenter to sell your books in the bookstore.
  5. If you have any displays for your books, tapes etc., bring them. Posters can’t be larger than 11″x17″ and displays cannot take up a space bigger than 10″x10″. If you have a poster, bring a small stand to put it on the table. Displays cannot be tacked or taped to the wall or stand next to the table.
  6. The bookstore will be open during workshops.
  7. You are responsible for getting your items to the bookstore and picking them up. If any are left at the end of the day, they’ll be donated to a charitable organization.
  8. If you are the agent for the author or write under a pen name, please note that on the form so there is no confusion as to who the author is.
  9. Civility is a must. Please remember the bookstore workers are volunteers; so treat them decently. We will do our best to give you a good display, but we must make room for everyone.
  10. If you are interested in arranging a book signing, there is a place to note that on the form. You will be contacted about selecting a day and time. We will have book signing tables inside the bookstore. You may bring a display and/or poster on a tabletop easel, but the same size limitations as those for the bookstore apply. If you want to wait until you arrive at the conference to select a time for signing, that is permitted but not advisable. Signing times are on a first come, first serve basis. The sooner you select a time, the better.

To register for the bookstore, please complete the form. After you have submitted it, please check your e-mail inbox for your submission confirmation and further instructions.

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