Once you have registered for the conference,
you can can book appointments to meet one-to-one with conference faculty.

  • Book online by 10/1/2018 to receive the best times
  • Onsite booking will be available if there are openings
  • If you pre-register, you’ll find your scheduled meeting times on the back of your badge

Agent, Acquisition Editor & Publisher Interview

Conference registrants may meet one-on-one with agents, acquisition editors, and publishers to pitch their work or ask questions. Learn more about the agents acquisition editors, and publishers attending the conference here [to come].

  • 10 minutes
  • Fee: $30
[Booking to come]

Authors & Publishing Industry Professionals

Meet with other faculty members to discuss writing, publishing, and marketing. Learn more about the authors and publishing industry professionals attending the conference here [to come].

  • 20 minutes
    Fee: $20
[Booking to come]

Editor’s Critique

We’re pleased to once again offer a limited number of critique sessions with two of accomplished editors—Heather Whitaker and Bobbie Christmas, the Book Doctor. You can meet for up to 25-minutes with either Heather or Bobbie and have up to ten pages critiqued on the spot. (Heather is only accepting ten interviews.)

  • Up to ten pages critiqued on the spot
  • 25 minutes
  • Fee: $45
[Booking to come]

Critique 101 Group

You may sign up for a two-hour critique group session led by Cheri Roman. This session will have a maximum of ten people, and each member of the group will critique your work. When you register for this session, you agree to critique all the pages you receive and be prepared to comment on them during the group session. You must send your pages to Cheri at least 30 days before the conference. Check the schedule at a later date to find the exact time and date of the Critique 101 session.


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