Undecided about attending the next Florida Writers Conference? Read what some of last year’s conference attendees wrote in their conference surveys:

“I'm amazed (such an overused word, but appropriate here) at the breadth of this conference and how smoothly it runs.”

“I think the conference was the best and most intense conference I've ever attended.”

“Having attended trade conferences and overseeing a conference myself, I am highly impressed with this conference, especially the amount of content and value for the money.” 

If you need more persuasion, check out our featured authors.

Linda Fairstein
National Guest of Honor

Heather Graham
Florida Writer of the Year

Peter Meinke
Florida Poet Laureate

This is the conference for you if you’re looking for three days devoted to the craft and business of writing. With more than 70 workshops and panels ranging from sessions for beginners to deeper, more interactive workshops, the Florida Writers Conference offers a satisfying and supportive celebration of the writing world in all its infinite variety.

You need to be here because this is where your muse lives.

Registration opens April 1, 2018