16th Annual Florida Writers Conference

“What A Character”
October 19 – 22 in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Micki BrowningMicki Browning


Author Micki Browning worked in municipal law enforcement for more than two decades and is an FBI National Academy graduate. She retired as a division commander. Her debut mystery, Adrift, was published in January 2017 by Alibi-Random House. Prior to publication, it won the 2015 Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence and the Royal Palm Literary Award for Best Unpublished Mystery and Unpublished Book of the Year. Her short stories have won multiple awards.


Mystery Writing: It Starts with a Crime

Mystery writers and criminals have one thing in common; the successful ones plot their crimes.

  • Discover the elements of the perfect crime –for your story
  • Learn the components of a police report and how that information is critical to your first act
  • Master the reverse engineering required to write a gripping mystery.
Criminal Minds: It’s Complicated

A successful criminal prosecution hinges on establishing three things: motive, means, and opportunity. The how and when are important details, but the villain’s motivation tells the real story.

Participants in this presentation will learn how motivation:

  • Creates compelling characters
  • Reveals backstory and influences action
  • Drives conflict


Dredging Up Your Dark Side

Few novelists are serial killers or homicidal psychopaths, that we’re aware of, anyway, but writing darker fiction requires us to mine the shadowy veins of our psyche. Where do those villainous characters come from and how do you write about the nasty things they do when you’re basically a sweetheart of a person? Ken Pelham moderates this panel.

Interview Topics

Mystery writing, short story writing, law enforcement, hostage negotiations, gender communication.


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