16th Annual Florida Writers Conference

“What A Character”
October 19 – 22 in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Lauren GibaldiLauren Gibaldi


Lauren Gibaldi is a young adult novelist and public librarian who’s been, among other things, a magazine editor, high school English teacher, bookseller, and circus aerialist (seriously). She has a BA in Literature and Master’s in Library and Information Studies. She lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband and daughter. Her books include The Night We Said Yes and Autofocus.


Your Life as a Character — with Jenny Torres Sanchez

The teen years are difficult, but we’ve all gone through them. Why not use what we’ve learned to create authentic, relatable characters? Join Lauren Gibaldi and Jenny Torres Sanchez as we explore what it’s like to use real life experiences to influence characters.


Smells Like Teen Spirit

The YA fiction market has exploded over the last decade, and our panel is here to help you learn more about writing for teens. Are YA characters just like adults, only younger? Do I need to know teen slang? Should I avoid writing about “Bad Things” like sex and drugs? These and other questions will be explored by our panelists, who will tell us what to include and what to avoid if you want to be a YA writer. Racquel Henry moderates.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

All fiction writers are liars, spinning out incredible tales of adventure, romance and mystery. Good writers are able to make the unbelievable believable by covering readers with webs of plausibility forcing them to suspend their disbelief and enjoy the story. This panel, moderated by Kristin Durfee, explores ways writers can make the incredible credible no matter what genre you’re writing.

Interview Topics

Talk to Lauren about Young Adult writing and editing.

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