16th Annual Florida Writers Conference

“What A Character”
October 19 – 22 in Altamonte Springs, Florida

David IvesterDavid Ivester

Publicist and Marketing Consultant

David Ivester has been active in publicity and marketing for over 20 years, and has specialized in the literary and publishing world for more than ten. His involvement has extended into book and jacket design, advertising negotiations and layout, and he has been a liaison for book distribution, Amazon.com, Bookbub, ACX, Goodreads, promotional and social media. He works under the umbrella of Author Guide, and has liaisons with publishers and agents in New York, Texas, California, and Texas.


Marketing Boot Camp

This Boot Camp workshop focuses on how to market your book without spending a great deal of money. It will specifically examine cover design, title promotions (Deals, Bookbub, etc.), interviews, book signings, presentations, stuff for the potential reader, developing your synopsis and a headline, free advertising (Yes, there is such a thing!), and determining your market.

Publicize Your Way to Success

A review of the many things an author can do to build their brand, including, reviews, bloggers, launches, book tours, social media, press/news releases, creating your bio, creating a publicity, media, or sell sheet and how to use it.

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