16th Annual Florida Writers Conference

“What A Character”
October 19 – 22 in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Dan AlatorreDan Alatorre


Dan Alatorre achieved President’s Circle with two different Fortune 500 companies before becoming a full time writer. He now has 17 titles published in over a dozen languages. From Romance to action and adventure to comedies, his knack for surprising audiences and making you laugh or cry — or hang onto the edge of your seat  — has been enjoyed by readers around the world.


Settings & Descriptions: How Much is Enough, and What’s Too Much?

A common mistake writers make is going on and on about things that don’t matter. Learn how and when to add detail – and when to avoid it. Create stories that flow because you provide enough information to engage the reader and not so much that it bogs down the story.

Outline Your Way to a Compelling Read

If you don’t have a map to your goal, it’s hard to get there. Learn how to create chapters with gripping openings, cliffhanger endings, and unforgettable characters. A page turner is a page turner because readers want to keep going. Find out how to bring that to your story.


Dredging Up Your Dark Side

Few novelists are serial killers or homicidal psychopaths, that we’re aware of, anyway, but writing darker fiction requires us to mine the shadowy veins of our psyche. Where do those villainous characters come from and how do you write about the nasty things they do when you’re basically a sweetheart of a person? Ken Pelham moderates this panel.

Interview Topics

Beta reading, editing, marketing, book fairs, networking, building an author platform, building a fan base, blogging, doing interviews.


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