Hi Ya’ll and welcome to FWA Youth Collection 2018.

Just like last year, you have the option to upload your story and your photo within this entry form. Please be sure you have both ready to upload at the end of this form.

Please use a separate entry form for each entry.

Please be sure your upload document is named the same as work title. [Example: Story Title-336 words. Or Poem Title-28 lines.]

Head-shot picture only needs to upload with one entry. Picture name should match authors name.

Be sure to put your author information at the top left of your story/poem.

  • 2018 - Youth Collection Contest - Parent/Guardian Permission Form/Legal Agreement

  • Florida Writers Association is an independent trade association that operates the FWA Youth Program. Now in its fifth year, this annual contest will culminate in the inclusion of highest scoring youth writers’ works published in the FWA Collection book titled Florida Writers Association Collection, Where Does Your Muse Live? is the theme for the 2018 Florida Writers Association Youth Collection, Volume 5.
    • It is open to only FWA Youth Program members whose ages are between 9 and 17 at the time of submission of their work, and provides another way for them to become published authors. Members 18 and over are not eligible for this contest.
    • Parties - This contract is between Florida Writers Association, Inc., (hereinafter known as FWA) and the undersigned Parent/Guardian of the youth writer (hereinafter known as the P/G).
    • Consideration - The consideration for this contract is the agreement by the P/G to allow the youth writer's work to be included in a collection of stories/poems (hereinafter known as stories) in exchange for the agreement to allow the work to be published in the Collection, should the youth’s work be among the highest ranking winning stories. Both parties agree that this represents good and valuable consideration and that there is no financial compensation as a part of this agreement.
    • Collection - The Collection is a group of stories on a theme that FWA decides to publish. FWA may include the story in the original printing and all reprinting of the Collection. The reprints of the Collection do not have to be the identical Collection of stories, as some stories may not be reprinted. While there shall be numerous stories in the Collection, the size and composition of the Collection is determined solely by FWA or its agents. FWA has the sole right to determine which stories and how many constitute a Collection and in what Collection to include the story.
    • To submit work and to publish winning stories, youth entrants must be FWA Youth Program members. Membership is verified before entries are accepted; students between ages 9 and 17 must have parental/guardian permission. This form must be signed by a parent/guardian of youth member entrants and emailed with the youth’s entry to the Collection Coordinator in order for youth entries to be accepted into the contest and, subsequently, should the youth’s work be among the highest ranking winning stories, published in the book and e-book.
    • FWA requires the full name, FWA Youth ID number and date of birth of each youth entrant and the full name, address, email, and contact phone of the youth’s parent/guardian. This information must be accurate and will be used to contact the parent/guardian if questions arise about this form or the youth’s entry. Personal information is accessible ONLY by FWA staff. If a submission does not follow contest guidelines, it will be disqualified. FWA cannot take responsibility for the content of submissions. It is the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to proofread submissions before they are entered. All entries are judged blind by professionals and no youth author information other than age is sent to judges. FWA reserves the right to disqualify any entry that contains inappropriate, offensive language, is disrespectful, or does not follow the theme. Two age categories are provided for youth entries. The first consists of ages between 9 and 13, and the second consists of ages between 14 and 17. Judges will rate the stories with a rank between 1 and 10 based on how well entrants wrote the piece, how well it stays within the theme, and if it strikes a chord with the judge. As with all contests, some subjectivity enters the contest. It is important that parents/guardians ensure their child’s work follows the theme and is proofed for grammar and spelling. The highest ranking stories will be published in the book with the child’s name (as indicated below) as author of the piece, and, if so approved by parent/guardian, the child’s picture, as approved below. Agents - FWA may associate with agents to perform the tasks necessary to edit, publish, print or reprint, and market the Collection.
    • P/G Agrees - The P/G agrees to allow their child’s story, should it be among the highest ranking winning stories, to be published in an FWA collection book, e-book, in FWA Power-Point presentations from time to time, and in the FWA Conference Program published by FWA or its agent, and represents that the P/G has the right to do so and that in submitting the story, P/G has the right to publish the story and is not violating the copyrights or exclusive publishing rights or rights of use of any other P/G of youth writer or publisher and that FWA or its agents may rely on this representation when publishing the story. The P/G’s typed signature below indicates acceptance of all FWA’s terms concerning FWA collection contests. P/G Permits – If youth writer’s story is among the highest ranking winning stories, P/G permits FWA to publish the winning story in the book and e-book, in FWA Power-Point presentations from time to time and in the FWA Conference Program.
    • FWA Agrees - FWA agrees to publish the youth’s story, should it be among the highest ranking winning stories, only in a Collection of stories and not individually without further written or electronic permission from the P/G. FWA retains republishing rights for the entire Collection and e-book should there be such demand for it, including electronically. P/Gs retain the rights to publish their child’s short story individually. Failure to publish - Failure to submit a story or failure to publish a story shall be WITHOUT PENALTY to either party.
  • Please check box
  • Please check box
  • (If unsure, contact Writers Group Leaders or Larry Kokko at fwa.secretary@gmail.com)
  • If winner, youth's name as it should appear in publications
  • Please check box
  • Parent/Guardian address
  • I, as the legal parent/guardian of youth entrant, permit FWA to publish my child’s picture with his/her story, provided the story is among the highest ranking winning stories, as well as photos taken at the Youth Conference, in the collection book and e-book, The Florida Writer, on FWA’s website, in the FWA’s e-newsletter and in the FWA’s annual conference program.
  • Word count/poem line count. Do not include title.* Story maximum 1,200 words. Poem maximum 50 lines.
  • 50 words Max
  • Uploads: If submitting two entries, head-shot picture need be uploaded with only one of the two submissions.
  • a. Story/poem: Microsoft users: Only Word document (.doc or .docx) files. Only MAC users may use PDF (.pdf) files, if they cannot use Word document files.
  • i. For stories only: Format must be Times New Roman, 12 point, justified. First line indent ¼”. Twenty four point (24 pt) line spacing throughout story. Do not add additional spacing to the single or double spaced lines, between paragraphs, or above and below asterisks. Use three (3) asterisks, centered on line, for time breaks (do not add spaces between the three asterisks).
  • ii. For poems only: Format must be Times New Roman, 12 point, flush left. Poems may be double spaced (24 pt) or single spaced (12 pt) with one added paragraph space between stanzas. Do not add additional spacing to single or double line spacing. Do not use asterisks.
  • b. Head-shot picture. JPEG format only. Color or black and white acceptable. Please Upload one story and one photo.
  • Drag and drop your document or click Select file and navigate to your local folder to select document.
  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, doc, docx, pdf.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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