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You Can Be Published in The Florida Writer

The Florida Writer, the official magazine of the Florida Writers Association (FWA), offers members the opportunity to see their names in print alongside news about FWA and articles written by publishing industry professionals.

Share Your Creative Writing

In our “Paragraphs” section, we publish selected creative writing by members who respond to a prompt. Prose, poetry, and excerpts from larger works that can stand alone are all welcome.

Announce Your Accomplishments

Marking a milestone in your writing career? Members who have good news to share about their writing-related accomplishments should send announcements for publication in the “Celebrations” section. Let’s celebrate your writing successes together!

Download current submission requirements for the “Paragraphs” and “Celebrations” sections of the magazine.

The next deadline for submissions is September 1 for the October 2017 issue.

Past issues of The Florida Writer are available for download in the FWA Network, the private, online social networking site for members.

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Mary Ann is the editor of The Florida Writer (the official magazine of the Florida Writers Association) and MAD’s Monday Muse. She is also a writer, editor, and organizer of writing workshops with 30+ years’ experience in publishing and writing consulting. Besides working one-to-one with writers who are developing books, she designs author websites. Website

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5 Responses

  1. Tricia Pimental
    | Reply

    It’s always good to be reminded about submission to The Florida Writer, Mary Ann. Thanks for making it easy to focus on a valuable opportunity to get published.

  2. Bina
    | Reply

    Thank you Ms. de Stefano. As an experienced editor, how can I submit one chapter of my completed manuscript?

    • Mary Ann de Stefano
      | Reply

      Sorry Bina, the magazine only accepts submissions according to our guidelines. The link to the guidelines can be found above in the blog post.

  3. Richard Jeppesen
    | Reply

    Okay, I must be impaired or have some or all of the 3 letter ailments… I cannot find a link to submit a paragraph or chapter of my latest book. Help….

    • Mary Ann de Stefano
      | Reply

      Links are in orange throughout the site. To download submission requirements, click on “Download current submission requirements for the “Paragraphs” and “Celebrations” sections of the magazine.” in the article above.

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