Write a Synopsis That Secures Agent Interest

What stands between you and agent acquisition? Four basic issues: enticing email subject line slam-dunk query quick-read synopsis captivating manuscript first 350 words. When an agent reads your well-written query, they become engaged and quickly move on to read your synopsis. At that point, congratulations! You’re halfway through the submission gauntlet. If the agent loses interest in your synopsis, “CLICK” and your entire submission heads to delete-ville. Why? The synopsis doesn’t respond to their question of, “What happens next?” The … Read More »

Returning Problems

Good morning everyone! Today’s a little different as I thought it’d be good to discuss some of the issues plaguing authors. As many of you may have noticed over the last week, a reader’s interaction with an author has been going around on social media. The basic gist of it is the reader contacted the author saying how much she loved the author’s books, but had to return them because $.99 and $2.99 is too expensive and the author should … Read More »

Warnings on E-books?

According to this article, readers are able to report issues with a book to Amazon. In response, Amazon will inform the author of the issues so they can be fixed. If a book is considered “unreadable” due to formatting, it will be suppressed, while uncorrected books could have a warning on the book page to inform readers. Sounds good, on the surface. I am giving the benefit of the doubt, and saying that this has good intentions behind it. Unfortunately, … Read More »

Building and Marketing Our Brand

Hello everyone! Sorry for posting this so late. Things got a little hectic around here today. lol Last time we talked about confronting our fears and how part of that can be switching genres. As people, we all have varying interests, so it’s no different when it comes to writing. The hard part is, how do we take the next step and build and market our platform? I’m sure we’ve all heard about branding ourselves and/or our author platform. Basically, … Read More »

Want to Be a Full-Time Freelance Editor?

From time to time, someone who wants to change careers and become a full-time freelance editor will contact me and offer to take me to lunch in order to “pick my brain” or ask me a “quick question” about the business. I turn down such requests as kindly as I can. I’ve been a full-time independent for over 13 years now. It would take me many hours to tell someone all I’ve learned about managing my business over that time, … Read More »