Who Has the Crystal Ball?

I’m a writer. I write about a lot of things, but my primary genre’ is middle-grade. I recently finished the first novel in what will be a series of three. It’s been proofed, edited, and it’s all shined up and ready to go. So how do I know if the time is right, if the current publishing trends are in my favor? As part of my process, I religiously search the sites listed in my Guide to Literary Agents. They … Read More »

6 Tips on How to Reach Your Publishing Goals

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Why is it that so many people start writing a book but never see it published? From my experience, there are a variety of reasons. Some simply lose interest. Others hit what’s commonly known as writer’s block. Still others don’t know how to get published once their manuscripts are finished. Simply put, many authors don’t have a plan for getting from manuscripts to books in the hands of readers. Over the past few years, and from the hundreds of conversations … Read More »

Art for the Unartistic Author

Back in high school, I aced my writing class…and balanced it by failing art class. Years later, when wielding a pencil, I’m still at the “stick figure” level, but fortunately, the advent of technology makes beautiful art somewhat attainable. More importantly, as published authors, it’s sometimes necessary to develop marketing materials or even book covers. I’d like to share three of my favorite (and FREE) art programs with you. We’ll start with one of the most accessible: MICROSOFT POWERPOINT Say … Read More »

Warnings on E-books?

According to this article, readers are able to report issues with a book to Amazon. In response, Amazon will inform the author of the issues so they can be fixed. If a book is considered “unreadable” due to formatting, it will be suppressed, while uncorrected books could have a warning on the book page to inform readers. Sounds good, on the surface. I am giving the benefit of the doubt, and saying that this has good intentions behind it. Unfortunately, … Read More »

Audiobooks: A “How To” guide, featuring interviews with producers and voice artists

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Digital media made electronic books accessible to readers. The next step is audiobooks, but there is a great deal less information out there about audiobooks. How do you produce one? How do you sell one? Recently, I released my novel, Earth-Sim, as an audiobook through ACX which is owned by Amazon. In this post, I’ve asked both Mark Waters, the director of my audiobook division (sounds so much better than “my husband who pushed me into audiobooks”) and Jennifer Reilly, … Read More »