Art for the Unartistic Author

Back in high school, I aced my writing class…and balanced it by failing art class. Years later, when wielding a pencil, I’m still at the “stick figure” level, but fortunately, the advent of technology makes beautiful art somewhat attainable. More importantly, as published authors, it’s sometimes necessary to develop marketing materials or even book covers. I’d like to share three of my favorite (and FREE) art programs with you. We’ll start with one of the most accessible: MICROSOFT POWERPOINT Say … Read More »

Benefits of Attending a Book Signing – A Blogger’s Perspective

Book signings are beneficial to everyone in the book community. From the author who writes the books, to the bloggers who help promote the books, to the readers who the author reaches and leaves reviews. At a book signing you’re basically putting life to the electronic presence you have grown online. From interacting with your fans and giving them a little something to take home, to basically pimping yourself to gain new fans and authors to follow you and your … Read More »

Setting up for a book fair or book signing

I’ve participated as a vendor in three book fairs; two of them were large multi-day fairs–the Miami Book Fair International and MegaCon (Orlando). The Florida Writers Association is getting into the game with a multi-genre book signing in May 2016. If you’re one of the authors, or if you’ve ever wondered whether to take part in a book signing or a book fair, here’s a handy list of what you might need. What the organizers usually provide: Table (be sure … Read More »

More About Email Marketing for Authors

While the popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and others continues to wax and wane (remember MySpace?), email remains a popular online activity. Therefore, email should be a key component of your marketing plan. In a previous post, I wrote that your author website should help you build a mailing list because you have more control over your outreach to followers via email than you do in social media. In another, I encouraged you to strategize for “top of the mind awareness” … Read More »

’Cause We All Love Books

There’s something magic in cracking the cover on a brand new book—for you Kindle folks make that tapping a finger. Books become our best friends, trusted advisors, time machines and tickets to better places and times. Some of us are so in love with the whole book thing that we actually want to write one. Or, a few. Or, a few hundred. Enter the Florida Writers Conference. For a few days in October, we book lovers and would-be writers get to “crack the … Read More »

Building and Marketing Our Brand

Hello everyone! Sorry for posting this so late. Things got a little hectic around here today. lol Last time we talked about confronting our fears and how part of that can be switching genres. As people, we all have varying interests, so it’s no different when it comes to writing. The hard part is, how do we take the next step and build and market our platform? I’m sure we’ve all heard about branding ourselves and/or our author platform. Basically, … Read More »

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