Networking, Part Two: Facebook and Twitter

Good morning and welcome to the second part of my networking series. Since there are hundreds, if not thousands, of various sites we can use to reach our audience, we’ll briefly cover some of the ones I know and use. The first is one of the obvious, Facebook. To be honest, I don’t look at Facebook as being the powerhouse it once was for one reason: They purposely limit our page reach to “encourage” us to buy Likes for our … Read More »

Write a Synopsis That Secures Agent Interest

What stands between you and agent acquisition? Four basic issues: enticing email subject line slam-dunk query quick-read synopsis captivating manuscript first 350 words. When an agent reads your well-written query, they become engaged and quickly move on to read your synopsis. At that point, congratulations! You’re halfway through the submission gauntlet. If the agent loses interest in your synopsis, “CLICK” and your entire submission heads to delete-ville. Why? The synopsis doesn’t respond to their question of, “What happens next?” The … Read More »

Networking Part One: Starting the Process

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Good morning, everyone! I’ve been thinking about doing a networking series for a while now, so I thought I’d start this month with Starting the Process. One of the most underrated parts of writing is networking. Some of those starting out think it’s easy or people will come to them, and other that have been writing for awhile look at it like a waste of time, or something better left until later or never and want to let someone else … Read More »

Sources for Free Images

Maybe the goofy image  is what made you look at this article. Images are key to attracting readers to blog and social media posts. But how many of us can afford to buy stock photos? Images abound on the Internet and it is easy to use Google Image Search or another search engine to find what you need and copy it to your own computer. But guess what. You’re probably breaking copyright law if you use images you find that way. You wouldn’t want someone taking … Read More »

Be Careful What You Type…

I’m sure we all know there’s been a lot of sadness and tragedy over the past week or so. It’s weighed on a lot of people’s hearts and minds, making tempers flare. This is where the problem lies. There’s a good reason that people are usually advised not to talk about politics, religion, or other things on social: most of the time, the discourse gets ugly. I’m not here, though, to tell you never to talk about important topics. If … Read More »

The Profit Is in the Relationships

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For three years, I sat perched behind my laptop. During that time frame, I posted a weekly blog, published one short story, Circle of Justice, my urban fantasy book, Reaping the Harvest, and the erotic romance novel, Losing Faith. At that point, I was informed it was time to get out of the recliner and meet other people––other authors as well as the readers who said they enjoyed my work. Basically, it was time to stop hiding behind the laptop … Read More »

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