Small May Be the New Big

One of the things I do is coach authors on improving their book marketing, and ultimately sales. And I’ll tell you – everyone wants to be famous – that is, everyone wants to be a known author and sell enough books to quit their day job. But I’ll tell you this – no one, save for the Kardashians, is born famous. It takes a lot of time and effort. Even though everyone wants to be famous, the truth is that … Read More »

How to Use Twitter for Writing

As a writer, Twitter is going to be your best friend and your worst enemy. Because it’s the best, most fun waste of time you’re ever going to have. I’ve wiled away many an hour on Twitter, responding to tweets, retweeting clever remarks, or coming up with something funny and thinking, “I’ve got to send this out right now!” all while my deadlines dripped slowly away. But rather than treating Twitter as a den of inequity to be shunned and … Read More »

The Value of Signing Events

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Book signing events can be a great tool in an author’s arsenal, but many new authors may be surprised to learn that sales are not the best measure of a successful signing event.  Of course, sales are always appreciated, but when considering the overall cost of attendance versus the profit made, the value of participation is rarely found in the day’s receipts. Signing events are about relationships–creating new ones and solidifying existing ones. Networking with Authors Writing can be a … Read More »

Networking Part 3: Blogs and Websites

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Good morning and welcome to the third part of my networking series. One of the first things we’re told is to have a website and blog to help build our online presence. While there are many different ways to build a site, two of the ones I’ve used were,, and among others. For blogs, I’m a fan of, but there’s also Blogger, Tumbler, and so on. I’ve only used a couple of those I listed, so … Read More »

Networking, Part Two: Facebook and Twitter

Good morning and welcome to the second part of my networking series. Since there are hundreds, if not thousands, of various sites we can use to reach our audience, we’ll briefly cover some of the ones I know and use. The first is one of the obvious, Facebook. To be honest, I don’t look at Facebook as being the powerhouse it once was for one reason: They purposely limit our page reach to “encourage” us to buy Likes for our … Read More »

Write a Synopsis That Secures Agent Interest

What stands between you and agent acquisition? Four basic issues: enticing email subject line slam-dunk query quick-read synopsis captivating manuscript first 350 words. When an agent reads your well-written query, they become engaged and quickly move on to read your synopsis. At that point, congratulations! You’re halfway through the submission gauntlet. If the agent loses interest in your synopsis, “CLICK” and your entire submission heads to delete-ville. Why? The synopsis doesn’t respond to their question of, “What happens next?” The … Read More »

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