The Five Fives of Selling Books

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You wrote a great book. Unfortunately, a few million other authors also think they wrote a great book, and they’ve put it on Amazon, too. How do you get people to notice your book in the vast digital crowd? 1. Five ways to improve the product: Reviews are dandy, unless an honest reviewer has to say the book is poorly edited, insufficiently proofread, has holes in the plot, or just doesn’t make sense. Join a critique group. Other eyes will … Read More »

How Do You Compete Against People With Your Name?

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It was twenty years ago when I learned there was another Erik Deckers in the world. He was a real estate agent in Belgium, and he seemed a little perplexed when I first emailed him. But we chatted back and forth a few times, and he seemed like a decent guy. Fast forward to four years ago, when I learned there are four other Erik Deckers in the world, and they’re all from Belgium and The Netherlands. My dad’s from … Read More »

Who Has the Crystal Ball?

I’m a writer. I write about a lot of things, but my primary genre’ is middle-grade. I recently finished the first novel in what will be a series of three. It’s been proofed, edited, and it’s all shined up and ready to go. So how do I know if the time is right, if the current publishing trends are in my favor? As part of my process, I religiously search the sites listed in my Guide to Literary Agents. They … Read More »

Five Essential Questions to Ask Your Potential New Literary Agent 

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As a literary agent in major trade publishing, at book publishing’s leading literary agency—the Trident Media Group literary agency—I often get asked some important questions by savvy authors wanting to gain literary representation. These five essential questions for an author to ask of a prospective literary agent ought to help new authors unfamiliar with what to look for in a credited literary agent. Does your commission structure follow industry practices and norms? A lot of authors are mistrustful of their … Read More »

Small May Be the New Big

One of the things I do is coach authors on improving their book marketing, and ultimately sales. And I’ll tell you – everyone wants to be famous – that is, everyone wants to be a known author and sell enough books to quit their day job. But I’ll tell you this – no one, save for the Kardashians, is born famous. It takes a lot of time and effort. Even though everyone wants to be famous, the truth is that … Read More »

How to Use Twitter for Writing

As a writer, Twitter is going to be your best friend and your worst enemy. Because it’s the best, most fun waste of time you’re ever going to have. I’ve wiled away many an hour on Twitter, responding to tweets, retweeting clever remarks, or coming up with something funny and thinking, “I’ve got to send this out right now!” all while my deadlines dripped slowly away. But rather than treating Twitter as a den of inequity to be shunned and … Read More »

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