RPLA Showcase: Agnes Deglon

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Welcome to the RPLA Showcase 2016 Unpublished Early Reader/Picture Book Wait For Me! Would You Mind? by Agnes Deglon In Wait For Me! Would You Mind?, the second installment of the trilogy “Kid’s Questions About Life,” find answers for kids pondering the more complex questions of life: What’s a mind? What are the mind’s limitations and its power? At the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Award Banquet, author Agnes Deglon won First Place in the Unpublished Early Reader/Picture Book category. Each year at … Read More »

The Sublime Art of the Unreliable Narrator

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  We want those around us to be honest with us, to tell us the truth. Most of the time, anyway. We want them to be reliable in their narrations. But in fiction, great beauty resides within the unreliable. Author Wayne C. Booth coined the phrase “unreliable narrator” in 1961 to describe that narrative voice the writer employs with the goal of misleading us, the readers. It may not be the easiest thing to manage with success, but when it … Read More »

RPLA Showcase: Robert M. Lynch

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Welcome to the RPLA Showcase 2016 Unpublished Biography The Bed I Made by Robert M. Lynch In The Bed I Made, bravery, valor, and resilience displayed on the gruesome battlefields of Korea paled against the courage and faith Joe would muster for an improbable triumph over his five-decade battle with PTSD. At the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Award Banquet, author Robert M. Lynch won First Place in the Unpublished Biography category. Each year at the RPLA Banquet, authors experience the joy of earning … Read More »

How to Start Your Own Blog

If there’s one tool every writer should have, one place they can send interested readers, it’s a blog. A blog is basically your centralized hub where you send readers from your other social networks. Think of your social media as a wheel — the different networks are the spokes, and your blog is the hub that joins them all. Your blog (which doubles as your writer’s website) is a public journal where you publish posts about things you’re working on, … Read More »

The Writing Life: Research, Part II

How do we inject realism into our writing? Research is one of those harder-than-it-seems actions that those with “google-fu” excel at, but the rest of us sometimes struggle to start. The bottom line in my experience is to just start. And to stay organized. And to be ruthless. To start, plug general terms for your research subject into your chosen search engine. Browsing will turn up repeated words. Plug those in as keywords. As your brain starts to digest the … Read More »

Corresponding with the Experts

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As a reader, I’m willing to suspend disbelief to great extent, thereby granting license to Writer Jane to take liberties and push, even shred, the envelope in order to tell the story and entertain me. But Jane has a certain responsibility to get it right. I expect her to make at least a minimum effort to get right the facts of how things are or were, however mundane those facts may be. No matter the genre. Yet few among us … Read More »

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