Writing Conference Season Begins

With the holidays in the proverbial rearview mirror and a new year ahead, are you ready to write? Ready to improve your writing? If you made a resolution to work harder or get serious about writing, the Florida Writer’s Association conference season begins January 17 with the 2nd Annual Short Shorts Mini-conference in Venice. The event at the Bentley’s Boutique Hotel will feature three tracks (some conferences call them continuing classes): magazine article writing, poetry, and short fiction, including flash. The … Read More »

How to Be a Professional Writer

In my one-to-one work with writers and as an editor for a print publication and several e-newsletters, I receive a constant flow of email and other communications. I love hearing from you! But I often imagine what it would be like for an agent, publisher, or magazine editor who is dealing with hundreds of queries a day to receive some of the troublesome and vague communications I receive. Let me tell you something.  Because we’re bombarded from all sides with … Read More »

Don’t Sotp Proofreading

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It’s one thing to kill your darlings, but have you ever wondered how renowned authors get away with murder? That is, not the CSI: Miami kind but killing their sentences with poor proofing skills. One bestselling novel identifies “Chapter Fourty” and has Orlando east of Daytona Beach. The author got into deep water for that geographic goof. Common mistakes are innumerable. Use “it’s” only as a contraction of “it is.” “Who is” contracts to “who’s” and whose denotes ownership. And … Read More »

Do Novelists Need a Book Proposal?

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Industry experts have said a million proposals, manuscripts and queries are in circulation at any given time period. For a moment, I want you to pretend that you are an acquisitions editor looking for the best material to bring to your publication board. You have a limited number of projects to present at the next meeting and you’ve found some great stories. It is natural that you are going to gravitate toward the writer who not only has a powerful … Read More »

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