Stepping Up as a Writers Group Leader

It was with some hesitation that I volunteered to take over for the St. Pete Writers Group in January 2015. Observing other leaders fearlessly advance their Florida Writers Association Writers Groups with clever ideas, a seemingly endless resource of quality speakers, and high meeting turnouts made me wonder if I was cut out to be a Writers Group Leader. As a critique group leader, it’s a different set of challenges, but a fairly simple process. In my mind, nothing compared to … Read More »

Exercise Wednesday: This is not a test…

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Forty-four years ago, radio and television stations across the country received this on their teletype machines. It wasn’t a test of the emergency broadcast system; it was the real thing. (Hatefulness is the code word that was supposed to prove this was authentic.) While most people heard the Emergency Broadcast System via its tests or when there were severe weather warnings, it was initially built to respond to a nuclear attack from the Soviet Union. On February 20, 1971, someone … Read More »

Juggling Paper in a Parallel Universe

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The first ideas drafted for my middle-grade novel were done via pencil and lined tablet. Once I settled in front of my computer, I entered a delusional state where I believed the document on my screen would be the only one I’d need to worry about for the rest of this story’s creation. In my college creative writing classes, my professors spoke of creating character profiles along with other notable, vital story timelines and elements. I thought it a tedious … Read More »

Exercise Wednesday: New Is Always Better

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The tag line and inspiration for today’s writing prompt comes from the great philosopher Barney Stinson, who had one rule: new is always better. (Barney was born around 1975 so he probably doesn’t remember much about New Coke. Just sayin’.) Today’s writing prompt introduces your character to something new, and in this case new actually is better. (So, no stories about New Coke.) This could be your character’s first day in the house she fell in loved with and bought. … Read More »

Your First Reader

We can probably all agree that time slows down painfully when someone is reading our writing in draft. And we’re particularly anxious about what our first reader will say about a first draft, yes? When you decide your work is ready to be read for the first time, who do you ask for feedback? A spouse? A friend? Another writer? Your writers group? Recently I came across an article from Poets & Writers that I’ve kept for a long time. Kevin Nance interviewed novelists … Read More »

Get Your Writing Noticed, FWA Style

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Have you thought about using the Florida Writers Association as a way of getting your writing noticed? Whether you self-published or you went with a traditional, the goal is always to get your writing noticed and of course, sell books. The FWA has ways of doing exactly that. Surprised? That’s what a lot of our members say when they find out. You may be aware of the basics, like a spot in the bookstore at the annual conference and talking … Read More »

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