The Beautiful Baggage Of Backstory

Backstory is such a juicy element of story, it’s too bad it’s got such a bad rap. Sure, it can fill a plot hole, juice up a reveal, give us an “aha!” moment. Think of Faye Dunaway in Chinatown, “She’s my daughter, she’s my sister, she’s my daughter and my sister.” A single line of dialogue that changes everything. A great backstory, including that one, presents us with the heart of the matter. We know that having a big opening can grab our … Read More »

Lessons from TV Land: Writing lessons from a sitcom

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Good morning! Okay, stay with me here. I know that when it comes to writing, a lot of television gets a bad name. This is especially true for sitcoms. Still, there are lots of writing lessons we can take away from these shows. For those who don’t know, Titus was a FOX sitcom starring comic Christopher Titus. The show was based on his standup routines, which usually dealt with growing up with a dysfunctional family. Nothing was off-limits: his mother’s … Read More »

Exercise Wednesday: Grandma’s House

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When I gave the eulogy for my grandmother, more years ago than I care to think about, I almost made it through without crying. Until I got to the part about running into her in heaven. In my version of heaven, my grandmother had a house. And she’d come to the door to meet you and be thrilled to see you and invite you in for a snicky-snack and there’d be a beverage she had just for you. One of … Read More »

RPLA and You

“Are you entering the Royal Palm Literary Award competition for the first time?” I asked. “I am. I’m so excited,” the aspiring novelist said. “Do you know how they choose a winner?” “The one with the most points wins, I guess.” This brief conversation happened following a writing group meeting a couple of weeks ago. It might help those of you considering participating in the competition to understand how you will be judged. Your work will not be viewed in … Read More »

Call for Submissions

We welcome submissions to The Florida Writer from members of the Florida Writers Association. The next deadline is coming right up. Share your writing with more than 1,300 subscribers. What to Submit Celebrations Let’s celebrate your writing successes together. Marking a milestone in your writing career? Members who have good news to share about their writing-related accomplishments should send announcements for publication. Write a one-paragraph announcement in third person Type “Celebrations” in the subject line of your submission email One … Read More »

Social Media 101: Online parties

Since I’ve been doing a few workshops on Social Media lately, I thought I’d open another series focusing on different aspects of Social Media that I’ve been learning about since starting the writing journey. One of the more recent ways to connect with others online is by holding online parties, especially when a book release is coming up. Usually, these online parties are held on Facebook, although there are things people do elsewhere. I’ll be talking about those as well … Read More »

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