Controlling the Muse

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Good morning! One of the first things people ask me is how do I get my muse to respond. On the surface, it sounds ridiculous. At least, until you try to answer. If only explaining how we write was a simple as 1+1=2, right? For me, my muse has a severe case of ADHD. He never allows me to focus on a story I’m working on for a few minutes before he throws another idea at me. Talk about short … Read More »

Let passion for writing guide, not dollar sign

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Jennie Jarvis shared something yesterday that I felt compelled to share on our Facebook page. It was an article about the sobering reality of how much a writer can make online. She also pointed out that she knew several NYT best sellers that currently teach on the side to supplement their income. Jarvis and the author of the article were not the first to point this out, and they won’t be the last. Stephen King pointed out in On Writing … Read More »

Beta Reading Etiquette

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Good morning everyone! One of the hardest things to do as writers, or any artist for that matter, is to hand over our work, our baby, to someone else to look over and critique. Generally, we’re lucky enough to get to know the person so we’re able to understand what they’ll have to say. Then you get that one person… You know who I mean. The one that lives to eviscerate any manuscript that crosses their path. As someone that … Read More »

Welcome, Published & Unpublished Writers: Part 2

In Part 1 of this two-part post about FWA’s Royal Palm Literary Award competition, we discussed how RPLA benefits writers at all stages of their writing journey and the value of the feedback offered to every entrant. In Part 2, here, we discuss who your judges and administrators are, how we deal with disparate scores, how we review completed rubrics, how you can suggest new genre categories, and more. So here goes. First, the judges and administrators: Our judges are … Read More »

Welcome, Published & Unpublished Writers: Part I

Quick! Where are you on your writing journey? Unpublished? Undiscovered? Famous? Beginner? Advanced? Are you where you want to be? Enter FWA’s Royal Palm Literary Awards competition (RPLA), and you’ll discover some surprising benefits. I should know; I’ve been on both sides of the RPLA desk multiple times. I’m Chris Coward, 2015 RPLA Committee Chairperson and an RPLA first-place winner. Also a multi-time RPLA loser. I learned a lot from winning—how rewarding our passion for writing can be and how … Read More »

Breaking the Writing Rules

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Good morning everyone! We’ve all been told to obey the rules since we were kids, but remember when we would ask why? I don’t know about you all, but I was regularly told, “Because I said so” and that was that. One of the things I’ve learned is that when it comes to writing, nothing is that simple. To be honest, roughly 95% of the “rules” so many tout are nothing but opinions. Just look at how many different thoughts … Read More »

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