Write When You’re Not Writing

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If I were to ask you to describe a writer, what would your response be? If someone posed that question to me, initially I’d describe someone hard at work at a desk, typing, staring into a computer screen, or balling up wads of paper and tossing them into a wastebasket (perhaps as they tear at their hair in frustration). All of those images are clear in my mind, but I also do a good share of writing away from my … Read More »

Writing Prompt Wednesday

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Hi, everyone! Have you been doing the writing prompts that Chris has been posting? If so, I would love to hear more about your experience with them and how they’ve helped your writing. Writing prompts have been a huge help to me and I love to search for them to see what inspiration might come. When I was doing A Story a Week, they were invaluable to getting words in, so I always recommend them to people who may be … Read More »

The evolution or de-evolution of writing

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Good morning everyone! As many of you know, I’m a HUGE proponent of writing in Third Person Omniscient and formal styles if that’s what works best for you. That thought process recently brought me to another thing. One of the most common things we hear online is about the evolution of the writing process. That’s something I agree with as, for the most part, we’ve grown to streamlining what and how we say something in our stories. There’s no denying … Read More »

Social Media 101: Making a personal connection

Social media is a great way to sell your books online, but it’s not the main reason to be on there. Sure, some people might see your book blurb and decide to click, but most will not. Even fewer will bother to read that free book you pimped out or review later. The fact  is, there is a lot of noise online these days and most will not notice you unless you do something that makes you stand out in … Read More »

To Sequel, or not to Sequel

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Hello everyone and good morning! The other day I got around to thinking about writing sequels and what thought process goes into them. As with everything, we each have our own thought and work process. I have nothing but respect for those that can plan a series out as a trilogy, six books, ten, and so on. The idea of planning something so large is as encompassing as writing an epic novel. At least to me. Look at it this … Read More »

Stepping Up as a Writers Group Leader

It was with some hesitation that I volunteered to take over for the St. Pete Writers Group in January 2015. Observing other leaders fearlessly advance their Florida Writers Association Writers Groups with clever ideas, a seemingly endless resource of quality speakers, and high meeting turnouts made me wonder if I was cut out to be a Writers Group Leader. As a critique group leader, it’s a different set of challenges, but a fairly simple process. In my mind, nothing compared to … Read More »

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